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How To Disassemble a Polaroid CUBE



Lucky you just found this video, because just like me you wanted to know how to open a Polaroid CUBE action camera. Here is the HowTo take-apart-video of that camera.
Attention: @2:00 The half with the rainbow stripe should be pulled AWAY from the camera whilst the other half without the rainbow stripe should be PUSHED INTO the camera to release the locked clips so the 2 halves can be separated!

I needed to know how it looks like inside that tiny little thing, and because I couldn't find anything, I decided to do it myself. Warranty you ask? Probably not anymore, but I had a different issue with the camera. I used two of them in my quadcopter, and the two magnets were throwing off my electronic compass I need to navigate the quadcopter. The magnet had to go.

Now, I have an idea on how to remove the strong magnets on the bottom of the case. No big deal really, after you watch this video all the way to the end.

My next steps are probably to shed the weight of the batteries, the cases, and then mount the cameras on my gimbal in a very lightweight fashion.

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